Amazon sorry after sending customer 'used' nappies

Amazon has apologised after delivering pre-pooped nappies to a couple in the US.

New Jersey mother Nassly Sales told local media they regularly order nappies from the online store for her 19-month-old daughter. But last weekend they got more than they asked for.

The first clue was the package weighed more than normal, reported.

"I picked up the pack to kind of take a closer look [and] that's when the stench hit me," her husband Sid Mukherjee said.

They turned on the lights and saw the nappies were covered in urine and poop, and Mukherjee said he burst out laughing. 

One of the two boxes they received was marked 'new', but the other was 'used: like new', which is not a description that should ever apply to nappies. 

Sales immediately got to work cleaning her baby's nursery, while Mukherjee got on the phone to Amazon, who first asked him to return the package, then said they'd let him keep it "as a courtesy".

Amazon told the situation "did not live up to our high standards". 

"We worked directly with the customer to address this situation."

The couple still have the nappies, hoping Amazon will come and get them and investigate how it happened.

"I am sure I am not the only one," Sales said.