Australia Day lamington burger divides internet

An Australian burger place has created a food monstrosity that's been described as a "crime against humanity".

Chuck Wagon 175 in Adelaide posted a picture of its new lamington burger on Facebook on Tuesday.

The "sick" creation has two beef patties, double bacon and double cheese, all sandwiched between two thick lamingtons.

Social media users were equally horrified and impressed at the artery-clogging masterpiece.

"I will personally drive for days on end and slap any person who would eat this," wrote one man.

"Alright I'm calling the police 'cause this just ain't it," said another.

However other people seemed as if they would eat the sweet-savoury creation.

"I admit I am morbidly curious about this," said one person.

Another said they were "disgusted yet intrigued".

The post has received more than 2000 comments and almost 300 shares.