Australian woman dies during lamington eating competition

Australian woman dies during lamington eating competition
Photo credit: Newshub

A woman who was taking part in an Australia Day lamington eating competition died from a seizure after choking on the popular cake. 

Despite efforts to revive her by staff at the pub the competition was taking place in, she later died in Hervey Bay Hospital in Queensland 7 News reported. 

One witness Della Firth posted on Facebook the woman "shovelled the lamington into her mouth with no restraint....inhaled the coconut and arrested." 

Firth said the pub was very quick to react with CPR, but couldn't save her. 


Another witness told the Courier Mail she was filming the competition and noticed something was wrong with the competitor. 

"I was filming and just as my friend finished I noticed she was dribbling so I rang triple-0 as she fell to the ground," she said.

"They put a sheet up around her and worked on her for at least another half an hour. They shocked her a few times and were still doing CPR as they took her out about 30 to 40 minutes later," she told the Courier Mail.