'Baked potato boards' are here to take Friday get-togethers to the next level

While brunch buffs around the world continue to sing the praises of pancake boards, baked potato boards are here and hot off the oven tray.

It's the latest take on traditional charcuterie to take social media by storm, combining the humble, much-loved spud with the symbol of a generation - avocado.

Australian mum, creator and food blogger Sandy, also known as the Reluctant Entertainer, shared her mouth-watering baked potato board on Facebook to the delight of foodies and grazing board enthusiasts.

"A delicious epic baked potato dinner board with all your favourite toppings, perfect for a Friday night or game-day party," Sandy captioned her beautifully prepared and presented platter.

"Serve a hot bowl of chilli in the [centre], and let everyone make their own potato!"

Toppings suggested by Sandy include guacamole, pico de gallo, crispy bacon bits, sour cream, grated cheese and chopped onion.

The post has amassed more than 2900 likes, 5800 shares and 2700 comments since it was shared last week.

"This is such a great idea, I'm doing it this weekend," one enthusiast commented.

"Love this and can't wait to try it. Just need a platter this big!" another added.

The baked potato board is the latest in a string of fun platter ideas, including the festive pavlova board that made the rounds at Christmas and the drool-inducing pancake board, pairing spreads, fruit, bacon, syrups and sprinkles with the beloved brunch staple.