Coronavirus debate on parenting forum escalates to Sydney mums brawling in the street

An online debate between two mothers over the dangers of the deadly coronavirus ended with both in hospital after a physical brawl on the streets of Sydney. 

Fear over the virus is spreading as fast as the deadly disease itself, which has now been declared a global public health emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO). 

But things really came to a head earlier this week after two women from Sydney's Northern Beaches, aged 33 and 36, had a "heated discussion about health concerns" on an online parenting chat group, before agreeing to meet in person to discuss the matter further.

According to a post from the Northern Beaches Police Area Command, the women met at around 8pm on Tuesday (local time) "and shortly after, a physical fight ensued". 

Two other women from the group chat also attended the meetup and reportedly tried to break up the fight. 

The police have since edited their post, but according to a screenshot of the original on, the argument "quickly escalated from verbal to physical". 

"Pushing, slapping, hair-pulling and finally both on the ground, briefly unconscious, all despite efforts of bystanders ring to intervene."

The original post on the Northern Beaches Police Area Command page.
The original post on the Northern Beaches Police Area Command page. Photo credit: Facebook via.

The older woman was treated for a head and shoulder injury, and a cut to her arm, while the younger woman was treated for a sore shoulder and other non-life-threatening injuries.

Both have since been released from hospital, but police say inquiries are continuing. 

While there was no confirmation over which online parenting group the women originally fought in, some fractious exchanges over coronavirus have broken out in several Mumsnet forums.