Dad shares genius hack for keeping kids entertained while he naps

As much as spending quality time with kids is important, it can also be exhausting. Can you blame parents for wanting to get a little shut-eye in during babysitting duties? 

That's exactly what one tired Colorado father did, sharing a genius hack for getting in a quick nap. 

According to a Facebook post by his wife Monica, Michael Webster was looking after their four children while she went out to do the grocery shopping. 

"Then I come home to this," she wrote, accompanied by a picture of Michael asleep on the couch with the children all sitting on the ground, drawing him. 

"He has them doing 'realism art' while he 'poses', AKA naps," she explained. "The winner gets chocolate, but let's be honest, [he] is the one winning lmao." 

The post has racked up over 29,000 likes and 36,000 shares from impressed parents who say they'll be trying the same method. 

"Wonderful! Sometimes as a parent, you have to do what you have to do, just to get a me-moment, a little nap or hopefully a shower that day!" one person commented. 

" I hope I can be that creative while running on little to no sleep," wrote another. 

However as is par for the course when any parent posts about their children, there were some critical commenters dubbing Michael "lazy" or reluctant to play, meaning Monica was forced to amend her post with an explanation. 

"I was gone maybe 20 minutes, no one was hurt, no houses burned down, no eyes poked out with pencils," she wrote. 

"I didn't pose the kids… everyone enjoyed their "art break" and Mike took some stress off my plate while resting his eyes."