Friends-themed slow cooker on sale for a small fortune

  • 17/01/2020
So no one told you novelty slow cookers were going to be this expensive.
So no one told you novelty slow cookers were going to be this expensive. Photo credit: Box Lunch

In what may be the ultimate kitchen appliance for '90s TV fanatics, a Friends-themed slow cooker is now available to purchase.

The 6-litre crock-pot has a white exterior covered in Friends quotes and imagery, including the couch, the fountain and 'how you doin'.

It is available for Kiwi Friends fans - but they'll need to spend around $200 to get one.

The Friends slow cooker is being sold on US website Box Lunch for US$59.90 and is currently sold out. A Friends triple slow cooker is available for US$10 more, however.

The company does deliver to New Zealand and the website quotes a 10-14 business day shipping to Auckland at a cost of US$58.

So the total to have a Friends triple slow cooker shipped to Aotearoa is US$127.90, which translates to a whopping NZ$193 - and that's before local duties and taxes are added on.

But what's a few hundred dollars for someone who already has their apartment fully decorated in the show's memorabilia and has the logo tattooed on their back?

"Better throw on your Thanksgiving pants, 'cause there will be some tasty dishes to devour with this Friends slow cooker!" says Box Lunch.

"You'll feel like Monica in the kitchen, whipping up meals like, stews, chili, casseroles, soups, and more."

Incidentally, buying a non-Friends slow cooker in New Zealand can set you back as little as NZ$25.