Kmart blogger tearfully defends herself after posting image of 'white is right' duvet

An Aussie Instagrammer who blogs about Kmart purchases has tearfully defended herself after being accused of racism for captioning an image of a new duvet cover with the phrase ''white is right". 

Claire, who goes by the title 'The Kmart Lover', has over 100,000 followers on Instagram, where she documents different interior and clothes styling using only purchases from retail giant Kmart. 

The Tasmania-based influencer recently posted an image of her white waffle duvet cover, with her new Kmart rug underneath the bed. 

But Claire perhaps thoughtlessly captioned the post with the phrase "white is right", which is infamously used by alt-right and neo-Nazi groups. 

Claire came under attack from followers who labelled her a "racist" and "white supremacist", leading to a tearful Instagram Story defending herself. 

"I wasn't going to address this... but as you can probably tell, I'm sad... I've got a bad headache, I put it down to the stress that's come from here," she said.

"I'm not racist, I was purely talking about a bloody doona cover. And it does hurt, it hurts me." 

Claire posted a tearful Instagram-story defending herself.
Claire posted a tearful Instagram-story defending herself. Photo credit: Instagram/ The Kmart Lover.

She followed it up with a post of her sitting on her bed wearing an all-white outfit. 

"This is me... on my white waffle quilt cover, in my white outfit... just a girl on a bed in what she considers a cool outfit sharing her love for home styling and fashion," said Claire.

"This week I have been trolled as being racist for saying 'white is right' about the depicted doona cover.

"I could stay quiet as some of you have suggested and not respond to any of these remarks but that is not me. I am strong. I am independent and I am taking a stance against this small minority of society that feel this behaviour is ok because it is not." 

Claire has since updated her caption on the image of the waffle-quilt covered bed to: "Can you beat a white quilt cover for a relaxing entrance to a bedroom? I love it."