New Zealand nudists invite newbies for 'Day Without Togs' celebration

New Zealand's nudists are gearing up to commemorate January's annual 'Day Without Togs' in a celebration of "self-confidence and body image" - and they want you to join them.

Free Beaches NZ and Auckland Young Naturists are inviting seasoned and newbie naturists alike to Waiheke's Little Palm Beach on Saturday to enjoy a summer's day "in the most natural way".

"Forming healthy attitudes to the body is important for young people and those who are still growing up. Our events are absolutely family-friendly and have no age restrictions. We take this seriously and do not tolerate any offensive behaviour," Free Beaches coordinator Alexander told Newshub.

"Go for a swim, enjoy the sun, play games, talk. For established naturists, it's a way to have a nice time and socialise. For newbies, [it's a] way to try it without pressure. For strangers, [it's a] way to know the Free Beaches' movement exists."

Alexander says it's easy for nudist novices to get involved in the festivities.

"Just come to the beach. If you see yellow 'Fred Bear' flags and happy naked people, you are among us. You can talk to people, ask questions and socialise, or you can sit quietly enjoying the sun and the breeze - it's up to you.

"In a couple of minutes, you will forget that you are naked. It just feels so good and natural. And do not forget about good sunscreen."

For the curious but fainthearted, organised naturist events are typically held at established nudist beaches to minimise disruptions.

"We take precautions to make our events safe and positive for everyone. We mostly use established nudist beaches, come as a group and put out the flags to inform other people of our presence. We are always polite and respectful to others," Alexander says.

Nudist enthusiast and event participant Josh Klaver advises everyone to "give it a go, even just once".

"It might seem daunting to be seen naked in public, but as soon as you try it you will find that isn't the case. Before long you will wonder why you ever wanted to wear togs, and you will almost pity those who still do," he told Newshub.

"You discover what you have been missing your whole life. It's an epiphany of sorts, at least it was for me... I feel so much more confident and satisfied with my body, even with its imperfections. I love my body now."

Public nudity is legal in New Zealand - kind of. Whether or not exposure is a crime comes down to the intent behind it. Generally speaking, enjoying a day at the beach does not have offensive intent.

While there are no official nude beaches in New Zealand, a number of beaches have become hotspots for naturists and are typically accepted as nudist destinations.