Owners of indoor playground apologise for asking breastfeeding mother to move

The owner of an indoor playground facility in Albany has issued a public apology for asking a breastfeeding mother to move into the changing rooms.

Chelsea Morgan posted publically on Facebook about her experience at My Wonderland Albany last week.

She claims she was feeding her son while watching her daughter on the playground.

Morgan says she was approached by a staff member and told "we have changing rooms".

"She awkwardly stuttered to try avoid saying breast and told me to deal to what I'm doing in the change rooms," Morgan wrote.

"I explained my four-year-old was on the playground so I wasn't comfortable leaving her unsupervised and [the worker] responds 'she will be fine for a bit'".

Morgan says she ignored the staff member's request and continued to feed her child.

My Wonderland Albany responded to the complaint three days after it was posted, publically apologising to Morgan and saying a communication error was to blame.

"It was our best intention to offer you a nursing room in order for you to breastfeed your child as a matter of fact, we are in support of breastfeed [sic]," said My Wonderland director Ken Ge.

"However, the way the offer was made by our staff was quite inadequate due to the language barrier as words had been communicated wrongly."

Ge then offered Morgan two free entries to the playground and a formal apology in person.

Morgan told NZME she was considering taking the tickets but was still "disappointed" with her experience.

She says while she believes Ge is genuinely sorry, but she is concerned about the training offered to My Wonderland employees.

Despite her concern, she did say the playground was a "really nice facility" and told her online followers not to boycott it.