Puma, K-Swiss now selling 'esports shoes' for gamers

If you've ever played games on a computer or console and blamed a low score on your shoes, here's some good news - Puma and K-Swiss have both released gaming or esports shoes.

Generally, people playing games are either sitting at a desk, or on a couch, which begs the question: how could an expensive pair of shoes make them play better?

Puma reckons its Acting Gaming Footwear can with "3D knit for sockline fit" and "ultimate grip indoor rubber", while K-Swiss's MiBR One-Tap sneakers offer "flow cool venting" and a "foldable heel".

Puma is selling its product on its New Zealand website for NZ$180, while K-Swiss's are available from US websites for US$125 before shipping, customs and taxes.

But don't get your hopes up that forking out the cash will up your high score.

Will Judd of Eurogamer reviewed a pair of Puma's gamer shoes and found that they didn't help his Counter-Strike skill.

"No, the Active Gaming Footwear won't improve your performance. They're just comfy, indoor-only foot wraps, somewhere between a sock and a shoe," writes Judd.

"To say that another way: they're slippers. Fancy, sportswear-inspired, US$105 slippers."

Dot Esports interviewed podiatrist Dr Maggie Fournier about the footwear and in her professional opinion, wearing them is very unlikely to improve your gaming ability; but she did say they could be helpful.  

Basically, wearing light and comfortable footwear while you're indoors reduces negative effects which can occur if you're moving about barefoot - even if it's only every few hours to go to the toilet or get another energy drink from the fridge.

But for well over $100 a pair? Nope.

"The shoes have to follow function and I don't see the function on their feet when they're gaming," Dr Fournier told Dot Esports.

K-Swiss and Puma are just the latest examples of major brands courting the serious gamer and esports market.

In 2019, Nike signed a four year deal with the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) in China, while Adidas announced a partnership with popular game streamer Ninja.