Scientists discover fish oil supplements might give men bigger balls

Good news, guys - it turns out there is a supplement that perhaps can give you bigger balls, and you can buy it off the supermarket shelf.

Researchers in Denmark have found men who take fish oil supplements, compared to those who don't, have higher sperm counts, more volume, higher testosterone levels and - perhaps most importantly - bigger testicles.

The more they took, the bigger the effects were, the study found.

It was already known that men suffering infertility could benefit from taking fish oil supplements, but the effects on already healthy men were unknown.

"These findings suggest that intake of fish oil supplements was associated with better testicular function... no associations of intake of other supplements with testicular function were found," the study, published in journal JAMA Network Open, reads.

The researchers say they didn't measure exactly how much omega-3 fatty acids the men were consuming, just how frequently they were used.

"This cross-sectional study did not examine the actual content of omega-3 fatty acids in the supplements; therefore, these findings need confirmation in well-designed randomised clinical trials among unselected men."

Coincidentally, the study used the Greek character which stands for omega - ω - which looks a bit like, well, you know.