Swedish beverage company wants to pay people $75 per hour to party

Swedish beverage company wants to pay people $75 per hour to party
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A Swedish beverage company is searching for "enthusiastic party animals" they can pay to party.

Gnista - a company specialising in non-alcoholic spirits - wants two people it can conduct a live test on to investigate the company's credibility as a substitute for alcohol.

The successful applicants will be paid NZ$75 per hour and the company will cover return airfares, hotel and extra travel expenses. Before heading out for a sober night on the town, free dinner and drinks will be provided.

"Gnista is newly launched and proud to offer the only non-alcoholic spirit that truly resembles a fine spirit," the job description says.

"People who prefer to snuggle up with a good book shouldn't bother - this position is for you who more or less live for the weekends.

"We are truly serious about our vision to make it easier to choose non-alcoholic, through offering outstanding products that imitate the experience you normally get from drinking alcohol."

Gnista says the only primary responsibilities of applicants is they "party like there's no tomorrow - only sober".

There are two shifts the winners have to complete; the first is partying on the night out and the second is summarising the experience over a "sumptuous" fry-up breakfast.

The applications are open to candidates worldwide and close February 29, 2020.