'Tacky' response to wedding invite shocks Reddit users

The mother's invite and response from the guest.
The mother's invite and response from the guest. Photo credit: u/bethesada_glitch/Reddit

A guest's response to a wedding invite was so "tacky" it's become a hit online. 

Reddit user u/bethesda_glitch posted the response to her mother's wedding invite in 1981, in which the guest gave an insincere apology and ill-thought-out offer. 

"Sorry I'm strapped for cash trying to start my own business," the hand-written note said.

"If you're interested in feeling better through natural (nature packages, we distribute!) nutrition in 30 days money-back guarantee, let me know."

The guest went on to say they would give the lucky couple free shipping. 

"How tacky can you get?" the daughter posted. 

Reddit users have had mixed reactions.

One person said the response was insensitive, adding: "She could have just declined... Jesus that's really tacky and rude."

"Wow! Just wow," said another, reckoning that they had seen "everything" now.

"Holy sh*t, that's tacky," they added. 

But at least one person found the response amusing. 

"This is so terrible that it's kind of hilarious."

According to u/bethesda_glitch, the guest was a male family member.   

When a commenter asked how his business was doing, the daughter replied, saying unfortunately she doesn't know how it's doing, but her dad says the family member "hasn’t changed a bit" since then.

This is not the first time a bizarre wedding invite or response has confused or shocked the internet.

In 2019, a bride's wedding invitation went viral after she instructed guests not to wear anything pink, while in April 2019, a horrified wedding guest posted shocking photos of the moment the bride gave the groom a lap dance in the middle of the dance floor.