The Project's Jesse Mulligan embarks on 'path to hotness' in 2020

Jesse Mulligan has joined the 'New Year, New Me' movement, embarking on an ambitious "path to hotness" in an effort to challenge news anchor Mike McRoberts as Three's resident "eye candy".

The Project co-host announced the start of his quest to become "very attractive" during Monday's episode, warning viewers not to be overwhelmed by the dramatic changes to come.

"I would like to take a moment to warn you about something that's going to be happening over the next few weeks," he started.

"Today, as part of a New Year's resolution, I started a new diet, exercise and fitness programme which means that in 2020, I am going to become very attractive."

"Finally," co-host Kanoa Lloyd joked.

"Ladies and gentlemen, as part of what I call my 'path to hotness', I'll be losing weight, I'll be gaining muscle. It's a whole thing. I know what you're thinking: 'Jesse, you already look lovely the way you are'. But it's not enough," Mulligan continued.

"You see - this is a true story - after the show, members of the live audience will come up to the desk. Do you know what they say to me?... They say to me, 'my grandmother is really into you'. Well, grandmothers are not enough for me anymore.

"I believe I can at least become attractive to people's mothers, maybe even actual people. And so today, it began. I did my first workout. Maybe you can see a bit of a difference already. From now on, Mike McRoberts isn't the only eye candy."

Although Mulligan has yet to launch a new health-and-wellness Instagram to inspire his fans, viewers can stay up-to-date with his progress via The Project - which airs weeknights on Three at 7pm.

"I encourage you to tune in over the next few weeks and witness the transformation from dad-bod to rad-bod. Because I, Jesse Mulligan, am on the path to hotness and ain't nothing going to get in my way," he declared.

"I will be a slim, trim version of myself and you will hear actual wolf-whistles as I walk down the street."