US woman shares horror microblading experience that left her 'in hiding'

Shannon bozell microblading horror
Shannon Bozell says she has been "in hiding" after the procedure. Photo credit: Facebook.

A US woman has shared the horrifying results of what can happen when microblading goes bad, as a warning to others to do their research. 

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing procedure that leaves pigment in the brow region, filling in gaps and thinning. 

In a Facebook post earlier this month, Shannon Bozell says she took the plunge to get the process done in October, after saving for several months. 

"I did my research - or so I thought - and I found an artist in Kalamazoo," she wrote. 

But Bozell's dreams of filling in the over-plucking of her twenties soon turned to horror and she was distraught with the "big caterpillar eyebrows" that resulted. 

"I went from not having any eyebrows... to having the BIGGEST ugliest eyebrows in Kalamazoo."

Bozell says the eyebrow artist completely "f**ked my face up".

"I've basically been in hiding ever since," she says.  

Bozell says she returned to the salon three days later so the beautician could "scrape some of the colour off". 

"That's when my eyebrows got infected and blistered real bad. I still have pink scars that are very visible," she wrote. 

"I'm getting them removed. It's more money that I have to spend on myself that I absolutely did not want to do! I've made several attempts to get a refund from the artist, but she refuses. She wanted me to come back in for a third time and to be honest, I'm not letting that woman touch me again." 

Shannon Bozell was left devastated by the microblading procedure.
Shannon Bozell was left devastated by the microblading procedure. Photo credit: Facebook.

Bozell's post has racked up over 1000 likes and 800 shares. 

According to The Sun, the salon owner hit back on Facebook , calling out Bozell's post for being "hurtful", but has since deleted the post.

She also reportedly added that her business "is her everything" and despite her efforts to book Bozell in for further treatments, she declined.