Where to eat, drink and play in Auckland this weekend

It's Friday and it's summer and New Zealand's biggest city offers countless ways to have fun when the weather heats up. 

If you need help narrowing down the choices, here's the Newshub Lifestyle guide on where to eat, drink and play this weekend.


Something about hot weather makes eating spicy food so much better.

Why is it so great to eat a scorching prawn curry on a baking hot beach in Goa or an eye-watering larb in summertime Phuket?

Who knows, but the Mexico chain in Aotearoa is currently serving up what they say is the nation's hottest taco - and it sure as hell is hot.

NZ's Hottest Taco boasts a mental five different chillies: the Ghost Chilli, Carolina Reaper, Jalapeño, Red Cayenne and Guajillo Chilli.

I enjoy chilli highs a lot, but this is truly next level.

They're offering it with chicken or jackfruit and it's only in stores until Sunday. Try at your own risk.


Heading to the beach on sunny days is awesome and all, but you may be all beached out by now - or just after something a bit more thrilling.

Well, I can wholeheartedly recommend driving out to Parakai for a skydive instead - there's just no better views in Auckland and it's about the most fun you can have.

Skydive Auckland offers different types of jumps and photo/video packages, including a 16,000 feet plunge with an awesome 60 second freefall.

That's what I did a few weeks ago and you can check the video out above to see just how much fun I had.

A word of advice - try not to scream with joy as much as I did, as your open mouth gets smashed by the air as you travel at around 200km/h.


There's nothing like sitting around with friends and family in the sun and responsibly enjoying a bunch of different craft beers.

And what goes better with the choice of 14 craft beers on tap than profound modern art?

The Lumsden Freehouse in Newmarket offers exactly this heady combo.

The men's toilet features a much-talked about artwork known as 'Fragile Masculinity', which has recently garnered international attention.

It doesn't cost anything to view the piece, either. But it is probably best viewed after sampling a few of the beverages.