'White or black?': Optical illusion divides the internet, again

A new optical illusion has arrived to divide the internet once again, and in this case, once you see black, you won't be going back. 

People have been left baffled by a picture of a pair of Louis Vuitton trainers, which some see as black, and others see as white - albeit in a dark room. 

A snap of the shoes, covered in the signature Louis Vuitton insignia was uploaded to Twitter, where it caused a stir. 

The image is splitting the internet.
The image is splitting the internet. Photo credit: Twitter.

The original image was shared thousands of times across social media, each time triggering a wave of outrage from people arguing over the colour they could see.

'White or black?': Optical illusion divides the internet, again
Photo credit: Twitter.

Even eyewear provider Specsavers weighed in, saying they could only see "white and gold". 

This is of course, a reference to the original optical illusion, the world's most divisive dress which some saw as white and gold, others blue and black. 

A quick poll around the Newshub office revealed that about half saw the shoes as black, others white in a dimly lit room. 

Other optical illusions to take the internet by storm previously have included the famed dress, and a pair of sneakers which some saw as mint and grey, other pink and white. 


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