Woman's crazy hack for cleaning 'disgusting' washing machine goes viral

Dirty washing machines.
Dirty washing machines. Photo credit: Facebook

A woman's genius method for giving her 'disgusting' washing machine a good clean has gone viral, with others vowing to give it a try. 

The woman posted photos of her unique trick on Australian Facebook group 'Mums Who Clean', which has over 177,000 members. 

According to screenshots from News.com.au, using four dishwashing tablets on a hot wash resulted in all the built-up dirt and mould being scoured off. The photos showed the woman's washing machine full of brown and murky water during her own cleaning cycle. 

The woman says she was fascinated with the results, but also shocked by the amount of filth trapped inside her machine. 

"I'm disgusted yet impressed," she wrote. "This is only five minutes into the dishwasher tablet hack!"

The post reportedly had hundreds of reactions.

"I did mine yesterday. I used three tablets and couldn't believe the water started going brown within a few minutes," one woman wrote. 

"Thanks for the inspiration ladies!" added another. 

It sparked people to try it out for themselves.

"This is five minutes in and I can see little scummy particles and the water is definitely brownish. Gross but satisfying," a member commented.

However, the post was also the first time people found out that you actually needed to wash your washing machine. 

One woman added, "I can't believe how much build up it creates, so yuck. I had no idea!"