Bride requests free photography services from friend, angrily calls her a 'fat b**ch' when refused

A UK bridezilla's outrageous request of a former high school mate shows how much friendship can only get you so far. 

Posting in a popular wedding shaming group on Facebook, Manchester woman Shannen said it was her first time sharing a story, "but I thought this was worthy".

"Someone who I used to be 'friends' with at school messaged me and asked me to do the photography at her wedding, and went off when I told her how much the deposit would be," she explained. 

Posting screenshots of the conversation, Shannen shared that her anonymous 'friend' texted her saying she had locked in a date for her wedding. 

"Was hoping you'd come (obviously) but was also wondering if you'd be alright doing the photography there as well? Obviously you can invite a plus one, let me know ASAP please xx," wrote the bride-to-be. 

Shannen offered her congratulations and wrote: "Of course I'd love to, but I need to know when it is", also putting kisses at the end of the text. 

So far, so civil. 

bride and photographer text conversation
The text conversation went from zero to 100 really quick. Photo credit: Facebook/ That's it I'm Wedding Shaming.

After the bride confirmed her big day was in August, Shannen said she would attend and would need a £250 (NZ$500) deposit by May. 

"Don't worry, I've added a 'friends and family' discount," she generously added.

But it seemed to confuse the bride, who asked "Wow, wait seriously? Why do I have to pay?"

"I assumed I wouldn't need to pay a single thing considering we were best mates at school?! You didn't charge [your sister] when it was her wedding??"

It was around this point the bride's messages became increasingly misspelt, so Newshb has translated accordingly. 

Shannen replied politely, telling the bride that she didn't charge her sister as "it was a wedding gift". 

"Just because we were friends at school, doesn't mean I have to give you freebies. This is my wage, if I don't charge you then it wouldn't be fair to anyone else". 

The bride then replied: "Well you can f**off you're not coming to the wedding anymore so f**k your invite you fat b**ch." 

Or words to that effect. See the blurred screenshot below. 

Yikes. Photo credit: Facenook/ That's It I'm Wedding Shaming.

"Lovely. Thanks for your interest anyway. Have a lovely day!" Shannen replied. 

The post has racked up over 2000 likes and 600 comments in the Facebook group, with fellow wedding shamers shocked at the bride's audacity. 

"Wow, she is in for a rude awakening when she tries to get another photographer. What a muppet," one person wrote. 

"My personal fave part is her being offended at having to pay because you did your sister's wedding for free," another wrote. 

"What the hell!? Commend you for being professional, because she's was a total douche. Her fiancé is one lucky guy!" wrote another. 

It's not the first time a photographer has had to insist they charge for their services. Last year a wedding photographer was forced to issue a savage response when an Instagram influencer offered to pay with "exposure".