Burger King debuts new advertisement of mouldy Whopper Burger

Burger King has taken its latest marketing campaign to places not usually seen in food advertising.

The fast-food giant's latest campaign shows a timelapse of its signature Whopper Burger turning from fresh to fungi - a giant departure from traditional fast food advertising.

A senior marketing lecturer from Auckland University of Technology says food advertisements traditionally show a cheesy pizza or juicy burger that makes you want to eat their product.

"This one is obviously not sending that same message," Jessica Vredenburg says.

The 45-second ad is being rolled out across the US and Europe and promotes Burger King's elimination of artificial preservatives and additives from its menu.

Vredenburg concedes that while it's a risky move, it's also a calculated one.

"They're wanting to be more appealing to your brain over your belly in a sense. 

"So they're wanting to use that to appeal to a trend we are seeing in the market towards more natural, more socially conscious types of foods."

Within hours of it being released, social media was alight with the hashtag #MouldyWhopper - with many quick to praise the bold marketing move, while others found it a bit gross.

Newshub played the video to Burger King diners in Christchurch and their reaction was mixed.

"That is so gross. There's purple mould," one person said.

"To go off like that in 34 days, it's got to be good quality stuff," said another.

It's a bold move from the fast-food giant - hoping it won't leave a bad taste in customers mouths.