Jeremy Corbett: Women are too cheap when it comes to Valentine's Day

New research has shown Kiwi men spend more than women on Valentine's Day and the news has Jeremy Corbett fuming. 

The Ecosa Bedroom survey investigated Kiwis relationships and found 20 percent of men spend more on Valentine's Day than Mother's Day - but just 13 percent of women claim the same. 

"I believe the fairer sex are being the cheaper sex on this most romantic of days and it's starting to get to me," Corbett told The Project on Friday.

A brief interview with the closest florist confirmed his theory.

"You'll find guys come in buying [flowers] for the females more often there's an expectation around females wanting that surprise at work," said Chloe Alderton.

But it's not just New Zealand where women are slacking said Corbett. 

"Horror stats out of Ireland show male spending increases a shocking 2,407 percent around Valentine's Day. That's 24 times more than usual!"

"Lassies? You are languishing behind at only 121 percent extra spending!"

He says it's time to take a stand.

"As a man with two daughters and a wife im taking a stand - step up to the plate and buy me presents!"

Watch the full video above.