KFC teams up with Crocs to create bizarre chicken shoes

KFC Crocs
The fancy footwear for all your finest outfits. Photo credit: KFC/Crocs.

There have been some amazing KFC-inspired releases over the years. We've had a gravy-scented candle, KFC Christmas decorations, even a Valentine's Day chicken bouquet. 

But now in perhaps one of the fast-food giant's most inspired decisions, they've teamed up with iconic shoe brand Crocs, so you can wear your favourite food wherever you go. 

That's right, the jaw-dropping Kentucky Fried Chicken x Crocs Classic Clog has been released, to complete all your finest outfits. 

I've heard you shouldn't play with your food, but I guess wearing it is another story. 

Every detail of these comfortable Crocs has been considered - the sole of the rubbery shoe is red- and white-striped, just like the recognisable buckets.

The top is covered in pictures of the famous fried chicken pieces - and if that's not mouth-watering enough, the shoes even come with a detachable drumstick charm to artfully place on the top which even smells like chicken.

Side effects probably include being hungry all the time, but there's no doubt it's an effective advertising measure. 

If KFC isn't your thing and you're more of a burger person don't worry - McDonald's has launched a range of candles each scented like a different component of a Quarter Pounder burger.