Landlord's housewarming hamper slammed as 'passive-aggressive'

Moving into a new place can be expensive at the best of times. Fully restocking a new pantry, bathroom and laundry often means shelling out hundreds of dollars on new household items. 

But one landlord's gift of a collection of cleaning products has split the internet, with some calling it generous while others label it "offensive". 

Posting a photo of the goodies on popular Facebook page Bunnings Mums Australia, the landlord wrote it was "a housewarming gift for a new tenant, to help keep our renovated unit in good order". 

The photo showed a washing basket, bleach, Jif, spray and wipe, sponges and toilet paper - as well as a packet of chocolate Tim Tams thrown in.

cleaning products from landlord
The selection of cleaning products from the landlord. Photo credit: Facebook.

According to, some commenters praised the landlord for her thoughtfulness, writing that it would be appreciated. 

"I would be so thankful for this as a tenant!" wrote one.

"Such a good way to get the tenant on the right side and have them want to keep the place looked after for you, well done," wrote another. 

"Lovely gesture. Even if it's not products they'd use, they can donate them and use their own," pointed out another. 

But others slammed the gesture, calling it "passive-aggressive". 

"Hope you left the receipt so they can get a refund on this passive-aggressive hamper," wrote one person. 

"Yeah, now every time they clean they are going to feel your presumptuous judgment of their cleanliness. I'd chuck it all out so it didn't p*** me off," wrote another. 

Another person pointed out that many people can't use those sorts of harsh and abrasive cleaning precious. 

"Whilst I get that cleaning products are expensive, I am unable to use most of these products because of sensitivities and I would feel horrible that they are there," they wrote. 

According to the blog Reluctant Landlord, nice options for a welcome basket include snacks, a house plant and drinks.