Man sends the internet into overdrive with bizarre opinion on 'right way' to eat fish and chips

fish and chips
Do you eat the batter? Photo credit: Getty.

With the weather reaching scorching temperatures in New Zealand over the last few weeks, loads of us have been enjoying hot, greasy packs of fish and chips on the beach. 

Whether you're into a piece of crumbed cod or a classic $3 battered hoki, for many of us, fried fish is one of life's great joys. 

But one man has started a fierce online debate about the 'correct' way to eat it. 

The Guardian food writer Grace Dent shared the man's comment from her review of UK outlet Angel Lane Chippie last week. In her column, she commended the restaurant's "extra globs of thick batter". 

"You. Eat. The. Batter?" a social media user commented on the review. 

"The batter is there to protect the fish during frying - you peel it off, throw it away, then eat the fish.

"If you bake a fish (or indeed a vegetable) in a salt crust, do you eat that too?"

Dent shared a screenshot of the comment on Twitter, captioning it: "This comment has kept me awake".

"I. I just. What."

The tweet sent the internet into overdrive, racking up 4000 shares and 24,000 likes. 

"What kind of monster DOESN'T EAT THE BATTER?" wrote one outraged person. 

"This person has been hurt," wrote another. 

Even television host Kirstie Allsop got involved, writing: " If you throw away the batter, what do you feed the children?" 

But others agreed with the man's stance. 

"I don't eat the batter because I know the goodness is in the fish... but then I'd prefer grilled or baked fish. Only eat deep-fried on sufferance," wrote a nutritionist, to which someone advised: "you should avoid fish and chip shops". 

"He is so so sure. Are we the wrong ones?" questioned another. 

It's not the first bizarre method of eating fried food to have shocked the internet. Last year, a chicken lover caused outrage with his image of a 'peeled' chicken nugget.