Mum hits back at online lunch box-prepping shamers

The mum packed her daughter's lunch three days in advance.
The mum packed her daughter's lunch three days in advance. Photo credit: Facebook/Lunchbox Mums

A mother who packs her kid's lunch box three days in advance has hit back at fellow parents after she was shamed in a Facebook group.

She uploaded photos of her five-year-old daughter's lunch to the group Lunchbox Mums, showing an apple, diced cucumber, pretzels, a yoghurt, a sandwich and more packed in three separate containers.

"Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday lunches done for Miss 5," she wrote as the caption, according to The Sun.

While her post and comments have racked up hundreds of likes, some parents reprimanded the mum for packing her daughter's lunch so far in advance.

"Last year I was working 11 hours some days then on top of that feeding animals for an hour each morning and afternoon but still managed to pack lunches each morning.

"I do four lunches every morning. I wouldn't eat three-day-old sandwiches so wouldn't expect the kids to eat it," one person wrote.

The mum responded and told the commenter to not "be so quick to judge".

"I eat a three-day-old sandwich, my girls never complain and I always check… all the food stays fresh and I always check it," she says.

She added there's some food - including popcorn and apples - that she doesn't pack until the night before.

The mum received some comments supporting her, including one from someone who called the negativity "rude".

"Some of you are so rude, at least this child has food to eat."

Another person wrote: "Some mothers think they are so high and mighty and everyone else are (sic) below them."

After receiving many negative comments, the mum responded to the shamers saying she's "very hesitant about posting" in the Facebook group again.

"Yes I make my children's lunches in advance (I do the same for my work lunch), and while this might not work for some people as some can juggle lunches the night before or the morning of, shouldn't give anyone a reason to judge someone who does it differently," she wrote.

"If you don't like the way one person does something, simply keep your opinion to yourself."