Mum shares genius hack for cleaning oven racks without scrubbing

Out of all the pesky household chores, cleaning the oven might just be the worst. The harsh chemicals and intense scrubbing can leave you lightheaded, not to mention the dreaded act of sticking your whole head in the oven like you're the witch from Hansel and Gretel. 

But one mum has solved all those issues, with her incredible hack for cleaning the racks in your oven. 

Posting on popular Facebook group 'Mums Who Clean', the Aussie mum explained she places a towel on the bottom of her bathtub (to protect the enamel), before placing the oven racks on top and filling the bath with hot water. 

She ten pours three capfuls of dissolved laundry washing powder over it, and leaves it overnight. 

Inside of a modern empty oven. Close-up with wide angle lens, shiny silver inside.
Photo credit: Getty.

The whole process takes 60 seconds of work, and by morning your oven racks will be sparkling clean.

The hack was put to the test by another mum in the group, who said she had never managed to her oven racks so clean. 

"To the lady that posted about cleaning her oven racks in the bathtub with washing powder, thank you!" she wrote, according to 7 News 

"I have never been able to get mine so clean ever before! I cannot thank you enough for making this daunting task so simple."

Another mother reportedly dubbed the transformative results as "oven porn". 

It's not the first household cleaning hack to hit headlines in recent weeks. Earlier this month, a mum's miraculous hack for cleaning the washing machine using dishwashing tablets went viral.