New York fashion school forced to apologise after bizarre 'clearly racist' show

racist accessories at fashion shwo
The show shocked onlookers with the bizarre accessories. Photo credit: Getty.

A New York fashion school has been forced to release a public apology after a student fashion show was slammed as "racist". 

According to the BBC, models were required to wear giant plastic ears, lips and bushy eyebrows as they walked down the catwalk in the Fashion Institute of Technology show.

The bizarre accessories gained attention after African-American model Amy Lefevre refused to walk down the aisle wearing the "clearly racist" items. 

Lefevre told the New York Post she voiced her concerns at the February 7 show and was told by organisers "it was fine to feel uncomfortable for only 45 seconds".

New York fashion school forced to apologise after bizarre 'clearly racist' show
Photo credit: Getty.

Following a public outcry, the institute released a public statement on their Instagram saying the show was being investigated. 

"As many of you now know there was an unfortunate and disturbing reaction to the show I want to address," wrote President Joyce F Brown. 

"It does not appear that the original intent of the design, the use of accessories or the creative direction of the show was to make a statement about race.

"However, it is now glaringly obvious that has been the outcome. For that, we apologise - to those who participated in the show, to students, and to anybody who has been offended by what they saw."

racist fashion show
Model Amy Lefevre refused to wear the accessories. Photo credit: Getty.

But commenters on the post seemed unsatisfied with the apology. 

"[You all] knew wtf you were doing," wrote jeans designers Kacey Jordyn. 

"This is basically 'sorry you feel that way'. Do better," wrote another commenter. 

Jonathan Kyle Farmer, chair of the design course which ran the show, apologised directly to Lefevre in an Instagram post. 

"I deeply apologise for any harm and pain I've caused to those involved with the show, including Amy Lefevre," he wrote. 

"I take full responsibility and am committed to learning from this situation and taking steps to do better."