Snifters are back. Or are they?

Snifters Lumps.
Snifters Lumps. Photo credit: Newshub

It's official - the much-loved Snifters lollies are back in town.

But before loyal fans get too excited, there's a twist.

After 11 years, confectionary company Pascall is bringing the favourite Kiwi sweet treat back, releasing its brand new limited edition Snifters Lumps on Thursday. 

The new product combines the minty flavour of Snifters with the hard outer shell being replaced by the chocolate, chewy coating of Pineapple Lumps. 

Pascall says it combined the two after the success of its Perky Nana Lumps collaboration.  

"We've been looking at additional ways in which we can continue to surprise and delight our Kiwi fans. Bringing Snifters together with Pineapple Lumps is one of the exciting ways in which we are doing this," said Will Papesch, head of marketing at Mondelēz NZ.

But on Facebook, many people are outraged by the new Snifters Lumps. 

Snifters are back. Or are they?

"Nope! You don't seem to have tested the market well before rolling this dud idea out," said one commenter.

"If Snifter lovers wanted a chewy version there are already plenty of minty chew options on the market."

Another said they were "so disappointed", as the new product is "not a Snifter" but a "minty lump".

For Kiwis who want to judge for themselves, the recommended retail price of Snifters Lumps is $2.79 and they're available in supermarkets, service stations and dairies across the country from Thursday.