'This is f**ked up': Nail salon draws outrage for coronavirus-inspired manicure

A US nail salon is being slammed for the coronavirus-inspired manicure they shared on social media earlier this month. 

Nail Sunny, a Beverley Hills-based beauty studio, has racked up over 2 million Instagram followers with their nail designs. Most are pretty harmless: pastels or bright pops of colour, sometimes with additions of jewels or sparkles. 

But the salon is really pushing the boundaries with their new mani, which has been modelled to represent both the deadly virus and its potential victims. 

According to a video posted on Nail Sunny's Instagram account, the nails are different on each hand. On the left, green blobs are attached to each nail to resemble the coronavirus spores, while on the right are depictions of faces of Asian people adorned with tiny pink face masks. 

"Coronavirus STOP... we will win you," the caption reads. 

The video of the design has racked up over 84,3222 views, with most of the 500 comments requesting the salon remove the video. 

"WTF," one person wrote.

"This is done in really bad taste and super insensitive," commented another.

"People are literally dying. This is f**ked up," pointed out another.

However, not everyone hated the look. "The nails look good, why ya'll hating," said one fan.

At least 720 people have died from coronavirus worldwide to date, with the vast majority of the 34,000 cases detected in China. 

It's not the first time some bizarre nail art has hit headlines. Last year, a UK woman had her dead father's ashes glued to her acrylic wedding day nails.