Young girl with alopecia touched by Parris Goebel's bold buzz cut

Iylah Hanley
Iylah Hanley. Photo credit: iylapecia / Instagram

A young Kiwi girl has captured hearts with her adorable reaction to New Zealand star Parris Goebel's buzz cut hairstyle.

Iylah Hanley has alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss from the scalp and other parts of the body. 

The four-year-old was overjoyed to see the famed choreographer's short hair in a glamorous M.A.C Cosmetics campaign image displayed in a Mount Maunganui Farmers, her mum-operated Instagram page said.

"This morning we walked into [Farmers] and the first thing Iylah saw was Parris Goebel with short hair," the post read alongside adorable photos shared on Wednesday.

"She goes (with soooo much excitement in her voice), 'mum! Does she have alopecia like me?' I said I believe she chooses to have short hair as I wasn't 100 percent sure if the hair style was by choice or not. 

"Iylah pauses and I watched her as she thought about what I just said... she said, 'wait, so she chooses to wear her hair short?' She then lit up and asked to take a photo with her."

The series of photos show a smiling Iylah posing alongside Goebel's advertisement.

However, the sweet post also addressed a more sombre side to the story.

"I do however find it absolutely crazy that a 4.5-year-old questions whether it's 'cool' or not to have short hair due to her life experiences in such a short time? I always tell her beauty is on the inside... but it does hurt that she thinks this way," her mum continued.

"Take what you want from this wee story, I just want to say a massive thank you to Parris Goebel for expressing who you are in such a beautiful way and giving my baby girl a smile no one could wipe away!"

The post, which has amassed more than 3900 likes, was full of positivity and praise for the little girl.

"She looks so beautiful! She should not feel less because she has less [hair]. I hope she will grow into her 'specialness' and worship it as something good," one user commented.

"Screaming 'you are so beautiful!!!' all the way from California," said another.

Goebel, who recently garnered worldwide praise for her SuperBowl routine performed by Jennifer Lopez, shared the photos to her own Instagram a short while later.

"I am in tears and this completely made my day. The fact my M.A.C campaign made her feel beautiful is why I do what I do," Goebel wrote.

"It is my mission to meet this beautiful baby girl and squeeze her! Iylah if you read this, I shaved my head because I feel beautiful and strong like this. 

"I realised you don't need hair to be beautiful or feminine... It was my own choice to shave my hair and to be bald and beautiful... just like you!"