Aussie mum stuns doctors by birthing 6.6kg baby girl naturally

Ladies, this one will make you wince. 

A heroic Australian mother has just stunned doctors - and other mums - by naturally birthing a 6.6kg baby girl. 

Baby Willow, born on March 11, may be one of the biggest babies ever born in the state of Victoria, fitting into the clothes of a three-month-old at birth. 

A Seven News clip racked up impressed comments from other mothers, many of whom questioned if they would have managed to achieve the same feat. 

"She weighs more than my five-month-old son! Congratulations to mumma! I salute her on that natural birth as well," wrote one commenter. 

"Oh lord! My twins didn't even weigh this together and were born at 36 weeks, and we're considered big for twins," wrote another. 

She's not the first big baby girl to hit headlines. In October last year an Aussie mum compared her newborn daughter Remi to a "mini sumo wrestler" after she delivered the 5.88kg baby through emergency C-section.

In 2018, a US mother gave birth to a colossal 6.7kg baby boy. 

But a Kiwi mother might just take the cake. A Lower Hutt mum gave birth to a massive 7.39kg baby boy back in 2017. 

The national average of newborn babies born in Australia and New Zealand is around 3.3kg.