Australian family accidentally orders 48 boxes of toilet paper amid coronavirus-fuelled shortage

A woman has been dubbed the reigning 'Queen of Toilet Paper' after an online ordering blunder which saw 48 boxes of bog roll delivered to her home.

Toowoomba resident Haidee Janetzki has no reason to fear Australia's coronavirus-fuelled toilet paper shortage, with enough loo roll to last her family approximately 12 years.

"Everyone was laughing at me for ordering too much toilet paper - and now everyone's begging me for some," the mum-of-four told 7 News.

When placing her order on the toilet paper website Who Gives A Crap, Haidee misconstrued the meaning of 'quantity'.

"I put 48, thinking that would be one box of 48 [rolls]," she told the outlet.

In a video documenting the hilarious stuff-up, husband Chris confirmed: "Forty-eight boxes of 48 rolls of toilet paper... we got 2306 rolls delivered to us today.

"If you guys need some toilet paper, hit us up... we may give you a roll or two."

Haidee later realised she had been billed AU$3260 (NZ$3412) plus almost AU$400 (NZ$418) in postage for the mistake.

Yet her and Chris have seen the positive side of the costly error, selling their collection at an increased price point to fundraise for an upcoming school trip to Canberra - for them and 40 other parents. 

Haidee says she is now considered "the Queen of the Toilet Paper" as the country continues to grapple with its sudden loo roll shortage.

"Obviously with this toilet paper crisis, it's turned out to be a really good thing."

A 'throne' constructed for Haidee out of the 48 boxes has since gone viral.

"The joke's on you Australia, while you're all out there scrambling for toilet paper... we are flying high. We are sitting pretty... in fact, we think we are royalty now," Chris said in another video.

"Check out our throne for our Toilet Paper Queen."

He then pans to his wife, sitting proudly on her boxes, complete with a crown and staff.

Last week, an Australian man from Tamworth was tasered and arrested after a brawl over toilet paper in a local supermarket.

Footage online shows numerous fights over the precious resource, as people around the world scramble to stock up in preparation for possible self-isolation. The outbreak of the novel COVID-19 has a self-quarantine period of 14 days.

On Sunday, two women who fought over a single pack of toilet paper in a Sydney supermarket were charged with affray.