Boutique, luxurious Westfield Newmarket cinema multiplex opens

westfield cinema
Your next date night should be here. Photo credit: Supplied.

The hottest new opening in Auckland is not a restaurant or a bar or some hard-to-get-into club - it's the new boutique cinema finally opening at Westfield Newmarket. 

The Event Cinemas Newmarket new seven-screen multiplex houses Event Boutique, the most Instagrammable cinema in the country - because that's apparently a prerequisite in 2020. 

Take note Tinder daters - this one is sure to impress. The boutique cinemas The Library and The Gallery, are home to designer recliners with FOOTRESTS, and little tables so you can crack into a bottle of red and some mini pork sliders, like this romantic couple. 

Boutique, luxurious Westfield Newmarket cinema multiplex opens
Photo credit: Supplied.

Before you even get into the cinema, there's a luxury foyer with fairy lights and indoor trees galore, as well as a fully stocked bar (both candy, and alcoholic). 

The new complex is also home to two V-Max auditoriums which have luxurious daybeds.

The cinema joins the already fairly impressive Westfield Newmarket line-up of shops and restaurants. I would recommend you take your date for dinner on the rooftop to really end the night with a bang.

"We don't believe in a one-experience-fits-all approach to our cinemas or our customers. Through our research we understand customers want choice, even down to the style of their seat," says Carmen Switzer, general manager of Event Cinemas New Zealand. 

"Those seeking premium experiences not only expect the best seat, sound and vision, they want to fully immerse in a great experience."