Coronavirus: A day in the life of a Kiwi family in lockdown

As Kiwis prepare to go into lockdown, some people have already been hunkering down for a few days - protecting their bubble and entertaining the kids.

That includes the Clark family; eight-year-old Lulu, 10-year-old Archie, mum Lisa, and dad - Newshub's Christchurch bureau chief - Hamish.

Newshub is going to follow their journey into isolation during the next four weeks as New Zealand navigates the lockdown.

"I'm here to protect my bubble which is my two children, my two British shorthairs [cats] and my husband who is going to be in and out which is a small problem, but apparently he is essential," Lisa Clark said. 

"But I will not be going anywhere or doing anything."

The Clark family have already been in self-isolation for two days and it's so far, so good. On Tuesday, they sorted a box of lego into separate colours.

Meanwhile, Archie has homework sent by his school and Lulu will be working her way through some books.

There's four more weeks to fill or more and families will need to get creative.

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