Coronavirus lockdown: How to stay sane while working from home

Over the next 48 hours New Zealanders will be transitioning to work from home as the Prime Minister places the country in lockdown. 

On Monday, New Zealand’s confirmed coronavirus cases rose to 102. In response to the likelihood of community transmission in two of the cases, the Government announced the country will enter lockdown.

All non-essential business and schools will close and transport will close to everyone who is not an essential service. 

People must work from home and reduce all contact with others. 

For many that presents a multitude of obstacles. Here's how you can nail working from home. 

More people will be at home at the same time - including children now being home schooled

Newshub has some tips to help cope with the new stresses from cognitive psychologist Jolie Wills.

"As much as you can, say for these 25 minutes I am going to go hard, then the next 15 minutes I'm going to spend some really quality time with my children, that's how you can get a bit of balance," she told Newshub. 

Ergonomics are important.

"When we work at home we can be really tempted to sit on the couch or work from bed and there's lots of reasons why we shouldn't do that," said Wills. 

It's best to stand and move often. 

Building five simple actions into our lives can make a huge difference in the way we feel. 

  • By keeping in touch, we can connect with people who are valuable to us.
  • It's important people keep learning and keep their brains active.
  • Take notice of when you're feeling stressed and give yourself a moment to breathe.
  • Be active - exercising is proven to improve mood. 
  • And remember to share a smile.