Coronavirus: New Zealand's top lockdown questions answered

Day two of alert level 4 and there is still a lot of confusion around the nation's lockdown rules. 

New Zealanders are being urged to use their common sense, but there are still some grey areas.

We looked at some of your most asked questions and got Newshub on the case. 

Here's a 101 on lockdown life. 

Is bubble life getting you down? Are you confused as to what you can and can't do? 

There's a lot to get your head around. Can you drive to the park or the beach for a walk? 

Can you stop for a picnic when you get there? 

How far can you drive? Well sit back, relax and we'll tell you. 

Or, rather the Prime Minister will.

 "If we congregate in beaches or congregate in parks, it presents a risk so please don't do it," Jacinda Ardern told the nation on Friday.

So you can drive, and you can go cycling but just stay as close to home as possible. 

And if home is where the maintenance issues are then that's okay too.

If your toilet is leaking and it's a threat to your health and safety then you can call a plumber.

If a window shatters, then you can call a glazier -  tradespeople are available when absolutely necessary.

Courier deliveries will still happen and yes it's safe to touch the parcels - just wash your hands afterwards. 

If you need to see a doctor make sure you ring first and they may do a phone consultation instead.

If your WOF is about to expire, don't worry, insurance will still cover you, and cops will use their discretion when it comes to a fine. 

If you're taking your dogs for a walk they should be on a leash - even at off-leash dog parks.

But there is some good news. On-street parking is free in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch throughout the lockdown. 

Although it should only be used for essential trips or by essential workers.