Coronavirus: New Zealanders reveal why they're hoarding toilet paper

As the great toilet paper shortage continues in Australia, Kiwis have revealed why they're stockpiling loo rolls.

A user on the New Zealand Reddit forum posed the question to the community, sparking a discussion over how much extra people have bought and what their plans are for their hoard.

Many said they'd gotten extra rolls in case they were forced to go into isolation.

"I bought an extra pack of twelve as I was running out, needed to get some anyway, and figured I should get extra in case of being isolated," one replied.

"I bought enough supplies for us to live on for three weeks just in case we have to self isolate at some point or if the worst happens and our city is put into lockdown like the cities in China and Italy," another said.

"A few weeks ago I went and bought a couple of extra packs while it was on sale, as it's worth it to avoid any drama in case there is any supply chain disruption," a third reported.

"Didn't coordinate with partner, and they bought extra packs too. We now have probably a one-year supply of toilet paper stocked up."

Others said while they haven't bought extra, but they can understand why people would.

"Running out of toilet paper creates a particularly uncomfortable situation. There are solutions (telephone book, shower clean etc) but none of them are ideal," kimmono wrote.

"The cost of stockpiling is pretty much zero, or even negative if it's on special."

Toilet paper isn't the only thing Kiwis are stocking up on.

"I added extra pasta, cans and some other non-perishables to our trolley a couple of weeks ago in case we needed to self isolate for whatever reason," one said.

"We bought two extra boxes of cat food. It's made overseas and His Nibs is a fussy little shit so if it runs out he'll probably starve out of spite," another commented.