Coronavirus: People share hilarious makeshift home office setups while self-isolating

With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe, many people are being instructed to work from home to lessen the spread of the virus. 

While this might sound great in theory, most of us would struggle to accomplish a full shift from bed. 

The upheaval has led to many forming makeshift offices in their homes, which some have shared on social media in an attempt to bring some light to the coronavirus chaos.

Developer Jules Forrest was one of the first to share her improvised set-up. 

"Can we do a [working from home] workspace setup thread, unglamorous edition?" she asked her Twitter followers. 

"My partner and I are both working from our studio apartment. My setup is a chair in front of the front door and my desk is our clothes hamper."

Netflix employee Josh Mateo followed suit, showing off his homemade alfresco desk - his recycling bin. 

Lawyer Brad Cahoon has obviously been stockpiling, showing off the packs of toilet paper his computer was mounted on at his desk. 

"Standing desk flex," he captioned the hilarious shot,

My personal fave was this image from Twitter user Caroline, who wrote that she was "lucky enough to have a height-adjustable workstation at home..."

The desk in question was her ironing board, set up with files, a computer and mouse pad. 

If you're struggling to set get into the groove of working from home, freelance writer Jen Miller has written a piece for the New York Times, offering some key advice for self-isolation. 

In it, she recommends employees try and keep the same schedule, set boundaries in the working space in their home, and schedule regular breaks.