Five tips to make your toilet paper go further

With news of toilet paper shortages on the shelves, it's become even more important to save your precious loo paper.

Overseas, Australians are brawling in supermarket aisles to get their hands on a single packet of 'white gold'.

While things aren't expected to be bad in New Zealand, it's best not to take any risks. Here are five tips on how to make your toilet paper go further.

Squash your roll

According to the money-saving site, one simple step is to "smash your tp roll".

"Simply press the roll a bit flatter," the site says.

"The now oval shape of the roll will prevent the paper from sliding off so freely and cause the roll to slow with each rotation. Wasted paper be gone!"

Use a high-quality toilet paper

The higher the ply, the longer the roll will last.

"High-quality tissue will generally be two- to four-ply," money management site says.

"The higher ply tissue may cost a bit more, but it will be more absorbent, which means you will use less."

Use a toilet paper dispenser

Install a toilet-paper dispenser that limits the amount of tissue issued to cut down on wastage.

Fold instead of wadding

Folding your toilet paper instead of wadding it up will maximise the surface area you can use.

Hide the rolls

Only leave one roll at a time in the bathroom to encourage a scarcity mentality.

"If your family member sees all of the rolls of tissue available to them, it can encourage wasteful habits," says.

"However, if only one roll is visible, they will likely use it more sparingly." 

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