How to make Dalgona coffee, the creamy treat going viral on social media in the COVID-19 lockdown

Dalgona coffee
The creamy coffee treat is taking over social media. Photo credit: Left: Instagram; Right: Instagram/@inspirantveggie

This article was first published in March 2020.

With New Zealand starting a new week of pandemic lockdown, a big part of the daily routine that a lot of us are missing is a fresh daily coffee. From long blacks or a big frothy lattes, cafe made coffee is a non-negotiable part of the day for many Kiwis.

That's why an very aesthetically pleasing South Korean coffee trend has taken off on social media. Dalgona coffee, a DIY whipped coffee treat using ingredients you probably already have, has to be seen to be believed. 

While the creamy coffee has recently been popularised by social media app TikTok, the inspiration seems to have come from a viral video posted by a South Korean YouTuber last month, which has racked up over 3.5 million views.

Now with people stuck at home and looking for their coffee fix, it seems everyone is trying the Dalgona coffee trend.

To make the 'coffee whip', you simply mix together two tablespoons each of instant coffee, sugar and hot water. Then use a hand mixer to whip it and layer the resulting creamy mixture on top of your milk of choice, either iced or hot. Voila! 

We'd normally be a little suspicious of something that uses instant coffee, but after seeing the videos, we're willing to give this one a try.