Mother of 16 shamed in supermarket for buying regular amount of toilet paper amidst coronavirus panic

Over the last few weeks, worried people around the world have been stockpiling toilet paper in case of an enforced isolation period during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The furore has lead to physical fights over packs of toilet paper and desperate shoppers crowding supermarket aisles to get their hands on rolls. 

One Australian mother of 16 has asked people to show a little more kindness after being shamed in a local supermarket when buying her usual large amount of toilet paper. 

Jeni Bonnell documents the ups and downs of having 16 children on her Facebook page 'The Bonell Family'. 

"Big family, blessed life," is Jeni's usual catchphrase. 

She posted on Facebook last week that she was shamed by another woman for buying her usual amount of toilet paper at the supermarket - which was enough for one of Australia's largest families. 

"No lady, you don't get to stand behind me in the checkout line in the grocery store, with your voice dripping sarcasm and your crinkled brow, as you loud-enough-for-me-to-hear-you say, 'Welllll, there goes ALL the toilet paper now... Hmpff'," Jeni wrote. 

"Ummm, no it doesn't. And I will not apologise for buying toilet paper for my family which is undoubtedly bigger than yours. And I will not let you make me feel guilty about it one little bit.

"Perhaps taking a deep breath would help, or try smiling."

Jeni wrote that she thought another 'pandemic' had been "brewing for a long time", alongside the deadly coronavirus outbreak. 

"And that's a worldwide lack of good manners with a symptom of unkindness that seems to accompany it."

Bonnell Family
The extremely large Bonnell family. Photo credit: Facebook.

The post has racked up almost 200 comments from supporters, many of whom also have large families, and also require large amounts of groceries. 

According to Metro, Jeni spends around AU$450 on her weekly shop for her family. She cuts costs by buying supermarket own-brand products, stocking up on half-price items and buying meat and fish in bulk.

But large families like the Bonnells will be impacted by a new toilet paper limit Australian supermarkets are placing on their customers. Aldi and Woolworths have now joined forces and are limiting toilet paper supplies to one pack per customer, down from four, according to