New Zealand's most Googled COVID-19 questions answered

In these uncertain times it's no surprise New Zealanders are looking for answers and they're turning to Google. 

Search trends show Kiwis are asking questions about face masks, whether fishing and dog walking are allowed and if they can still go to the dentist.   

Newshub found out so you don't have to keep searching around online. Let's clear a few things up. 

Should you wear a face mask?

Dr Google can be confusing - so we asked a real one if should we wear them.

Dr Siouxsie Wiles says "no".

"People who wear masks tend to wear them to protect themselves, but actually they're not very good for protection for yourself," Dr Wiles told Newshub.

"They're really good if you're spreading [the virus],  the mask would stop you spreading it to others."

 Are dentists open? 

The short answer is no but if you ring your dentist you'll be directed.

"Dentists are still able to open for essential dental treatment that would include management of infection, bleeding, or pain that couldn't be managed by medications," said Katie Ayers, president of the New Zealand Dental Association.

Can you go fishing?

Believe it or not, more than dental care Kiwis most wanted to know 'can I go fishing?' 

Sorry boaties but you won't like the answer.

The Coastguard says despite the weather being beautiful Kiwis are asked to keep off the water. 

Surf Life Saving says rock-fishing is out too - it's just too risky. 

"Stay home, stay safe, we'll be here when you get back and you know, just gives us a bit of a break too," a spokesperson told Newshub.

What about walking pets?

As for 'can I walk my dog?' - don't worry you can venture out, just keep pets on a leash and away from others. 

Will self-isolation ever end?

Perhaps it's no surprise that the question everyone wants to know the answer to is 'when does self-isolation end?' 

Not even Google knows the answer to that one - it depends on how well we execute it.