Tip Top releases Whittaker's Peanut Slab ice cream

Tip Top has released the ice cream collaboration we've all been dreaming of - a Whittaker's peanut slab inspired treat.

The classic Kiwi chocolate bar turned ice cream will appear in freezers this week - just in time for the last of summer.

Tip Top confirmed the exciting news on Thursday.

"Tip Top is excited to partner with Whittakers to bring the iconic Peanut Slab to life as an ice cream," a spokesperson told NZME.

Tip Top teased the ice cream's release on Tuesday, posting a picture of a frozen-over fridge with a peanut slab hidden beneath the ice. 

Eagle-eyed commenters predicted the ice cream's release, saying they hoped it was a Peanut Slab. 

The frozen treat has already been spotted in shops around the country. One dairy in Westmere is selling the ice cream for $3.50.