Top virtual colour tips for your home

  • 31/03/2020
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Laura Lynn Johnston Plant Lady Lounge with Resene Rice Cakeand other colours. Photo by Bryce Carleton. Photo credit: Resene

Whether we like it or not, winter will soon be here. With Kiwis staying at home, now is a good time to start a project, or start planning a project, you’ve always thought about doing around the house.

Doing something productive and practical is also a good way to keep your mind and body active.

Luckily you don’t have to wait until the stores are back open. Resene has colour and tech experts who are ready to answer your virtual decorating questions. If you need advice while Resene ColorShops are closed you can ask for free advice online – Ask a Colour Expert, and Ask a Tech Expert.

It’s important to remember as seasons change so do colours, styles and trends. Newshub spoke to Resene colour experts Honor Moore and Rebecca Long, who were both more than happy to share some inspiring tips.

1. As the weather turns colder and the days get shorter, how do you make your home warmer and cosier?

"Warm up your home with layers of spicy hues from the latest Resene fashion fandeck, small blocks of colour can add cosy comfort to keep you warm through the cooler months," Honor says. "Try the following colours:  Resene Sunbaked is like timeless terracotta - great with inky blues like Resene Twilight Zone or Resene Route 66, and perfect with warm timbers and the yellow/green Resene New Leaf."

Rebecca suggests introducing grounded colours into spaces of rest. The elegant, deep Resene Virtuoso is the perfect way to add luxury to your bedroom and Resene Green Meets Blue will bring a fresh, uplifting approach to your bathroom.

Gem Adams styled Wellness Bedroom. Photo by Wendy Fenwick.
Gem Adams styled Wellness Bedroom. Photo by Wendy Fenwick. Photo credit: Resene

2.  What are the best colours, wallpapers, styles and trends for a New Zealand autumn/winter?

Botanical themes are still trending this season with warmer blush tones and honey mustards teaming up with blackened blues and velvety charcoals.

Honor says there is still a strong nature theme coming through in wallpaper with a definite pull towards green tones like Resene Olive Green and Resene Mother Nature.

"To bring balance between seasons, use warmer creams to complement and balance the new richer tones," she suggests.

For Rebecca autumn and winter are such beautiful seasons for colour. "Resene Bi Hoki and Resene Salsa celebrate the strong, rich tones of autumn, and Resene Twilight Zone takes us into the depths of winter. Layer rich textures and plush textiles with smooth paint finishes such as Resene SpaceCote Flat for a modern approach," she suggests.

Gem Adams styled Spicy Lounge, photo by Wendy Fenwick. Photo credit: Resene

3. What decorating features or accessories add ambience to your home?                            

Rebecca suggests updating tired pots and planters with Karen Walker Chalk Colour. Full of personality and texture, Karen Walker Chalk Colour planters would add a feeling of comfort nestled in with low lit candles.

For Honor colour blocking is still very popular and clever use of subtle textures and metallic wallpapers can create ambience and dimension in your home.

4. Are bright colours or neutral winter themes better for winter? And how do you best incorporate colour into your home?

According to Rebecca there are many ways to colour your home in winter. It simply comes down to how you like to live in your space.

"What comes to mind when you think of winter? Is it lively and energetic games nights, or cosy, calm nights in? The charismatic Resene Just Dance is sure to liven up many spirits whereas Resene Rebel is a deep, warm smoked brown which pairs beautifully with dimmed lights and dark chocolate. Wrap whole rooms in decadent colours and make a striking impact."

Bright colours are best used in smaller amounts for a feeling of balance says Honor, as too much can dominate a space. She suggests pairing bright colours with warmer neutrals including darker hues to create depth in a room.

5. What's your quickest and easiest top tip for us?

"Resene drawdowns are A4 screenprinted colour samples using Resene paint and are an easy, effective way to evaluate your colour options," Rebecca says. "Resene drawdowns can be viewed for free at your local Resene ColorShop when they open again, and you can also order your own to take home for just $3."

Honor suggests speaking to a Resene colour specialist and you can do this virtually via Resene’s website. "Tell us about your project and we can give you advice tailor made to your home and your tastes."

Kate Alexander Landscape Lounge, photo by Bryce Carleton Photo credit: Resene

Finding the right colours and wallpapers for your home takes time.  With us all spending more time at home, it’s the perfect time to do research and get inspired for your future projects. 

View a range of the latest colour and decorating looks online at, get inspiration from other kiwi homeowners at and find your favourite wallpaper at

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