Watch: Stuntman Ian Soanes' two-wheeled wedding with wife

Some might say marriage is a risky business but a wedding was held in Palmerston North on Sunday that was riskier than most.

The groom Ian Soanes is a stuntman and walking up any old aisle wasn't going to cut it for him and his wife.

When little boys and little girls dream of their wedding day, usually they picture a traditional wedding.

But not Ian and Fiona from Palmerston North. They managed a little bit of the traditional - a floral arch and a wedding registry - but that's about where it ended.

Instead, they headed along to the local speedway, hopped in a Suzuki Vitara and then declared their love and vows while doing laps on two wheels.

"When you live a bit dangerously, it's much more fun," Ian says.

And his bride is happy to take the passenger seat.

"I'd much rather have him at the control and just being in there with him," Fiona says.

Ian has been a professional motor stuntman for most of his adult life, starring in many advertisements like the 'Mini' ad. He also took on the country's steepest street in Dunedin on one wheel of a motorbike.

People were a little surprised to be invited to the stunt-wedding.

"Friends were like 'are you sure you want to be doing that' and I was like 'why not. Let's go for it'," Fiona says.

This couple is hoping their wedding day is just the start of their daredevil antics.