Aussie mum's amazing snack station is here to save homeschooling in lockdown

snacks for home schooling during lockdown
It's the school cafeteria - just cheaper. Photo credit: Facebook/Organising Ideas Australia.

It's official - the kids are back to school. But that school looks a little different now, given that it's in the next room with no morning rush or forgotten backpack.  

While this is easier in many ways, it does come with its fair share of challenges - like the kids having 24/7 access to the kitchen, eating you out of house and home. 

But one Aussie mum has come up with a novel idea to keep the kitchen clean and the kids well-fed. 

Posting in the Facebook group Organsing Ideas Australia, the mother of two teenage boys wrote that her new 'snack station' "worked an absolute treat at my house today". 

"First day of kids back to school - HOME schooling," she wrote. "I'm a little sick of constantly being in the kitchen so this is what I did for my two boys."

The snack station had individually wrapped rolls, cups of chopped fruit, nuts and a selection of chips.

Easy, delicious and nutritious.
Easy, delicious and nutritious. Photo credit: Facebook/Organizing Ideas Australia.

She says her two high schoolers aged 12 and 13 "polished it off."

"They loved it, thought it was hilarious. Kitchen stayed clean, I got work done and they focused on school."

The post racked up almost 3000 likes from other impressed parents who said they planned to put the 'snack station' in place in their own homes. 

"Yummy selection! I wouldn't mind a tray of my own with a selection like that," wrote one person 

"Super idea, thanks for sharing!" wrote another. 

As always, there were commenters unimpressed with the pictures - some due to the amount of plastic used. But the mother added a later comment explaining she washed and reused all the 'disposable' packaging.