Burger King France shares the exact ingredients needed to make a Whopper at home

Burger King whopper burger
No drive-thru? No problem. Photo credit: Getty.

This article was first published in April 2020.

With Aotearoa in the midst of COVID-19 alert level 4 lockdown, there's a lot of stuff we're all missing. Good coffee, hugging our friends, and for many of us, having takeaways for dinner as a wee treat. 

Personally I'm mourning the absence of KFC wicked wings in my life, but if you're more of a burger fan, we have something which might help fill the void. 

Earlier this week the official Twitter account of French Burger King posted an image of the exact ingredients needed to make a classic Whopper burger. 

All of them - or substitutions - can be found at your local supermarket, so you can have a little flame-grilled deliciousness during lockdown. 

Bun, onion, pickle, ketchup, burger, mayo, lettuce, tomato, bun. Easy-peasy, right?

Wrong - as it turns out the Whopper has a very specific preparation method. 

But luckily Burger King France didn't leave us high and dry, later that day posting a video showing the Whopper being put together. 

As the video is all in French, Kiwi burger fans will either have to hit Google Translate, or figure it out on their own. 

French burger lovers shared their own Whopper attempts in the replies, and while none of them look like they're straight out of the drive-thru, they still look pretty delicious. 

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