Coronavirus: Flamingo e-scooter food delivery service promises 600 new jobs across New Zealand

A new food delivery service has launched and its drivers won't need cars to get Kiwis their favourite meals. 

Wellington e-scooter company Flamingo has stepped in to help New Zealand businesses operate under COVID-19 alert level 3 by launching Flamingo Food.

Delivery partners will zip across New Zealand's three major cities - Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch - on Flamingo e-scooters, dropping off delicious takeaway meals to those who want them. 

Flamingo estimates around 600 jobs will be generated out of the new delivery service and 100 of those have already been snapped up.

Flamingo e-scooters founders Jacksen Love and Nick Hyland say they could not be more excited to launch their food delivery service.

"We're proud to have the opportunity to work alongside our amazing restaurant partners and support them as they get back to business," said Love. 

"We're all about Kiwis supporting Kiwis," said Hyland.

"We know what people want from us and we'll listen and respond accordingly."

It's not just restaurants that will benefit from Flamingo Food though - delivery partners will be able to keep the cash they make from dropping food off. 

Unlike other food delivery services, Flamingo Food pays delivery partners per delivery based on distance as opposed to taking a commission. 

Customers will only ever be charged $5 for delivery, and business owners will pay a commission from 20 percent - as opposed to Uber Eats which charges restaurants 30 to 35 percent. 

So far more than 50 businesses have signed up for the service and 100 delivery partners have been trained. 

Information to sign your business up, or become a delivery partner can be found here.