Coronavirus: How to wear a face mask without your glasses fogging up

woman in glasses and mask not fogging up
For when you want to be protected from germs, but still have 20/20 vision. Photo credit: Getty.

With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe, there are various health measures which are becoming the new normal. Many of us are now donning disposable gloves and face masks to go out to the supermarket and pharmacy in an attempt to avoid the spread of germs. 

But for we bespecatcled folk, the masks can come up with an unforeseen problem - our glasses fogging up with every exhale. 

This is because when wearing a mask, your breath is directed upwards rather than outwards. The warm, moist air you breathe out encounters the comparatively cool surface of your glasses and condenses there.

You only need to look at social media to see that those of us who wear specs are struggling with this issue every day. 

So how do we go out protected from potentially dangerous air droplets, but still with full vision? 

As usual, it's TikTok to the rescue.

Dr Harang posted a helpful video earlier this year showing that by simply placing a tissue at the top of the mask over the bridge of your nose, it absorbs the vapour and stops your specs from going foggy. 

The video was shared to Twitter by user 'Rosywana', who wrote that she found it "really helpful". 

The tweet has racked up over 56,000 likes and 39,000 shares from impressed viewers. 

The same advice was shared late last year during the start of cold and flu season by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. 

The police department also shared a graphic demonstrating that by simply folding down the top quarter of the mask, you can avoid fogging. That method, however, may compromise the size of the mask. 

Better living everybody.